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LBO Career Coaching and Consulting is a boutique career discovery and career development firm. The organization offers individual coaching services, group coaching services and coaching services to small businesses. 

who is lbo?

"LBO" is Lametra B. Off, principal owner, principal coach. With a diverse background that brings a facilitative, mindful, holistic approach to career coaching, Lametra is unique in the career development world and offers a different perspective. 

Lametra's roles and transitons

Lametra has had various careers, roles, and experiences and brings multi-dimensional value to clients and performers. Also, Lametra has been in the development industry in various roles for several years – as a supervisor (developing team members), US Army Sergeant (developing soldiers), a trainer (teaching), a facilitator (ensuring all are considered and contribute), a mentor (listening, observing and assessing) and an instructional designer (creating training programs, activities and exercises to obtain and maintain engagement). 


Lametra’s top five strengths are MAXIMIZER, RELATOR, INTELLECTION, INPUT, and LEARNER. Said another way, Lametra maximizes others, relates to others, is attracted to intellectual topics, accumulates and assembles information and is a life-long learner.

Her spiritual gifts are teaching, encouraging/exhorting, discernment, intuition, giving, knowledge and wisdom. Lametra is also skilled in active listening; problem-solving and positive psychology. Lametra's clients, friends, family and associates view Lametra as a warm, supportive, intellectual, positive confidante and a jobseeker advocate. 

lametra's training and certifications

Lametra is trained in facilitating career development via the Center for Credentialing and Education. Lametra is trained in providing career services via National Career Development Association. Lametra is also a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner.

lametra's partnerships

Lametra works closely with other professionals who also have decades of experience developing others. These individuals include various life and career coaches, career development specialists and facilitators, positive psychology scholars, MBTI Practitioners, resume writing experts, recruiters, psychologists, yogis, runners, athletes, meditation experts, and certified career services providers. 

If you want to change your career, or just take it to the next level, call LBO Career Coaching and Consulting LLC today.

Why Career Coaching?


What do you want to accomplish?


Bill Gates said, “Everyone needs a coach. It does not matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”   

There are possibly hundreds of reasons why a coaching relationship is advantageous. However, there are two most important reasons: coaches provide clients with personal awareness and coaches guide clients with achieving their goals.


What do we offer?


We offer a focused, contrarian approach to career discovery. Whether you are transitioning to a different career, considering a new industry or wanting variety in your current role, a coach can guide you and assist you in achieving your goals. We coach students and professional performers using a holistic (whole person) approach including positive psychology, self-efficacy and strengths-based methods. We offer practical techniques, actionable exercises and goal-setting items to ensure the performer achieves his or her results. 

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